Open faced Chinese poker Pineapple (OFC Pineapple) — is a variant of Chinese poker distinguished by the absence of betting rounds.

The main peculiarities:

  • 52-card deck is playing (2 to Ace, excluding Jockers).
    The card suits are equivalent;
  • Maximum number of players – 3;
  • The number of pocket cards – 17.
    13 of them are laid out into 3 boxes.
    The rest 4 are discarded;
  • No common cards are used;
  • Every player at a table takes one seat with 3 boxes for 13 cards (3 cards in the front hand (the upper box), 5 cards in the middle hand (middle box), and 5 cards in the back hand (the lower box). The back hand must be stronger than or equal to the middle hand and the middle hand must be stronger than or equal to the front hand;
  • The goal of the game is to achieve more units (also known as points) than your opponents by winning more hands also known as rows and/or by collecting royalties on premium hands. Before the game starts, players agree on an amount of play money per unit (ex., 1 play money per 1 unit). At the end of the game the calculation of units is made;
  • Cap – is a maximum a player can lose in one game.